Campaigns End. Revolutions Endure.

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reclaiming democracy for working people

Our Revolution Oklahoma is dedicated to reclaiming democracy for working people. We fight for progressive change and seek to elevate the political consciousness of the American people so that our politics will serve human needs and not corporate greed.

We actively recruit, train, support and work to elect progressive populist candidates for office. We promote and support progressive populist issues and causes, and encourage active participation in the political arena to affect such change, from the precinct level up.

Our Revolution OK stands with the national organization Our Revolution on the issues.

We have active committees working day to day for progress in our state. Be part of our revolution! Join and donate, participate and spread the word!

We are a 501(c)4 incorporated entity with the state of Oklahoma. Learn more about our ideas and plans. Check our schedule of events. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.