News Roundup – in which Fallin grows a spine

What a week! Lows, highs and a real shocker. We’ll start with the shocker.

After a 7-week Special Session, the feckless Oklahoma legislature passed a budget and turned out the lights, but Gov. Mary Fallin said “not so fast,” surprising pretty much everyone by vetoing most of it and calling for another special session to find recurring revenue to get the state out of the financial mess it’s in. Now we have our own Republican infighting spectacle to follow. #SQ640 is now trending in OK, so you know things are serious. Oh, by the way, the regular session for 2018 starts in February, so no rush or anything.

Elections. It was a mixed bag on election night Nov. 14. Progressive Steven Vincent lost the first Democratic challenge in HD 45 in many election cycles. He was a great candidate, and developed a large group of supporters who canvassed, wrote and called on his behalf. Everyone knew it was a super tough district, but it was a letdown nonetheless. We love you, Steven, and will be ready for your next race. On the other side of the state, though, the Democrats got their fourth flipped seat in what’s now officially a “blue wave.” Allison Ikley-Freeman squeaked out a win in S-37 (Tulsa area) by 31 votes. Every vote counts! This one was especially sweet because Alison is an open lesbian, and will be a first in the OK legislature in that regard.

Outreach. On Nov. 11, we had a table at the Fall Peace Festival hosted by The Peace House. We got to meet and talk to a lot of folks, let them know about our organization, and network with like-minded groups like SURJ.

Milestones. Congratulations to our sister Our Revolution chapter, The Brennan Society, which celebrated its 7th Anniversary on Nov. 15. Many more!

National News:

Thought piece: Our Revolution? Progressive Gains in the Age of Trump

In the ongoing split in the Democratic Party between the left Bernie/Warren wing and “right of center” Hillary/Northam wing of the party, last night’s elections provided significant victories for the former. Our Revolution, the political organization that spun out of the 2016 Sanders campaign, endorsed four candidates in Tuesday night’s contests in Virginia. All four of them won their races, including Lee Carter who was also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. The other three; Elizabeth Guzman, Jennifer Foy and Justin Fairfax. Not only did all four of Our Revolution’s candidates win their races, the race between Lee Carter and incumbent Republican Jackson Miller proved to the nation that a leftist candidate and open socialist can go head to head with a prominent incumbent Republican and win.

OR Statement on the Passage of the House Tax Bill