Chair’s call for unity and action to “pick up the cause of the poor”

Chair Mark Henricksen’s welcome at Dec. 12 membership meeting

[Remarks as prepared.]

My fellow progressives, welcome to our quarterly meeting.

Since we last met your board has met frequently, filed articles of incorporation with Oklahoma, applied for a 501(c)4 status with the IRS, and elected officers.

We aspire to be a progressive alternative to the two major parties. Our members come from many backgrounds but we share the belief that the great American experiment in democracy is in danger of being extinguished by the polluting influence of huge money corrupting our political system. A few more cycles of domination by the Koch Brothers, and the Mercers, by the Harold Hamms and Larry Nichols, by big oil and big pharma, and the bottomless money of Wall Street, and our democracy will finally be in name only. They continue to have elections in Russia, China and Cuba and other totalitarian states, but the voters don’t matter.

Our Revolution stands for basic principles, and first and foremost is saving democracy by motivating a concerned and activated citizenry, by removing the pernicious effects of a few to-the-manor-born plutocrats dominating our system with their enormous wealth.

From 1945 until 1981, we saw a relative expansion of the wealth of the middle and working classes of this country, but with the Reagan revolution and the embrace of trickle down, we have seen the enrichment of the wealthiest 1% of this nation. Trickle down has not enriched working families, but the trickle is now pooling in an enormous ocean of poverty and stagnant wages.

Our Revolution exists to identify candidates and ballot initiatives whom we can enthusiastically support. We are not a rubber stamp for the Democratic party nominees. We will support only those rare candidates who embody progressive values.

[Extemporaneous remarks]

If you are not a member of Our Revolution, it is open to anyone who commits to support the Our Revolution idea, and who attends two or more events or donates any amount of money. Anyone can meet the financial requirement for membership. And if you can’t, speak to me privately, and I will find you a sponsor. This process is taken verbatim from the Our Revolution by-laws.

I ask for your support for this movement. I ask that we leave here in solidarity. No one is ever so damned or condemned as those who pick up the cause of the poor against the rich.