OROK members polled on 2018 gubernatorial race

The OROK Candidate Recruitment and Endorsement committee selected the 2018 governor’s race as its first race in which to make an endorsement. This process began by sending candidates in that race a questionnaire of questions that could reveal the candidate’s position on issues most important to our members and in line with our mission.

Two candidates responded: Drew Edmondson and Connie Johnson, both candidates for the Democratic Party of Oklahoma nomination. The primary in that race will be held on June 26, 2018. The responses to those questionnaires by both candidates were thoughtful and clarifying. We thank Ms. Johnson and Mr. Edmondson for their time and effort involved in providing us their positions to our questions. The responses of each can be seen on the documents linked below (PDF*), listed in alphabetical order.

Audio file of our Dec. 12 candidate forum:


Qualified members of OROK will vote on this endorsement and the results will be announced on this page no later than Jan 5, 2018.

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OROK Endorsed Candidate in the 2018 Gubernatorial Primary: Connie Johnson

The selection was made by a poll of all members eligible to vote according to our by-laws and announced on Jan 5, 2018. Congratulations to this progressive leader!