Statement on Kirk Humphreys’ homophobic comments on Flash Point

Our Revolution Oklahoma releases the following statement on Kirk Humphreys’ homophobic comments on KFOR’s Flash Point this past Sunday. All remarks can be attributed to Mark Henricksen, Chair.

Kirk Humpheys has a long history of homophobic words and action, and his recent remarks on Flashpoint equating LGBTQ+ people with pedophilia demonstrate, dramatically, how little his antiquated thinking has kept up with science and public opinion.

His bigoted position is not only wrong, and out of step, but damaging to the reputation of all the organizations with which he is affiliated. OU students have demanded his resignation from that school’s Board of Regents. The Oklahoma City School Board is seeking his removal from the board of the John Rex Charter Elementary School, which is under their purview.

We join them, Freedom Oklahoma and other groups in saying that Mr. Humphrey is free to be as homophobic as he likes, but not to use his status with educational institutions to demean groups of students or put them at risk for violence, which statements such as he made do. He should resign, and if he does not resign, be removed.

We further suggest to Flashpoint producers that they find another “analyst” to employ on their program who does not promote myths that can present real danger to LGBTQ+ people.