Oklahoma candidates, campaign workers and activists learn how to “Take Back Your Government” with The Incorruptibles

The Incorruptibles’ model of campaign organizing rejects corporate PAC money, builds on town halls and small dollar donations.

The Incorruptibles workshops, presented free of charge in OKC and Norman on the weekend of January 20-21, were challenging, in-depth trainings that gave attendees the resources and tools to create tight, grassroots coalitions of folks currently underserved by their governments.

Attended by candidates and possible future candidates, as well as community activists, the three sessions provided the opportunity to learn how to Strategize Your City, Strategize your State and Raise Small-Dollar Donations.

Saturday morning, at the Strategize Your City workshop, we did lots of  brainstorming of underserved groups, listed possible coalition partners, discussed the power structure of Oklahoma City government, and thought of hot-button policy issues facing the city (and the demographic groups affected).

Saturday afternoon, the Raising Small-Dollar Donations workshop explained the concept of Continuous Town Halls — how they can be utilized as an opportunity to connect with different constituent groups, and how they can be a great source for small-dollar donations. We practiced listening sessions, which were supposed to be 70% listening, with the rest of the town hall (30%) being used for educating and mobilizing attendees. 70% listening is not easy, will definitely take practice!

On Sunday, the Strategize Your State workshop (which was critical to include, because Oklahoma has such deep problems at the state level) was similar in flavor to the Strategize Your City workshop, but with different answers to the questions asked. We came up with a great list of possible coalition partners. Then we looked at the structure of state elections, and had a spirited discussion (to be continued) on what our “dealbreaker” issues are for us to engage with possible coalition partners. (Is all corporate money bad? What if the corporation is an ESG [environmental, social, and governance] corporation?

OROK board member Melody Ball was responsible for finding out about this fantastic free resource for progressive activists. She send a followup message to attenders of all the workshops: “Be on the lookout — a follow-up meeting is being planned! And thanks for joining us!”

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