OROK gives testimony at hearing for Wind Catcher clean energy project

OROK board member Susan McCann attended a public hearing before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission on January 4, 2018, to speak on behalf of our hundreds of progressive, sustainable energy-loving members. The Oklahoma Sierra Club coordinated a campaign for public comment in support of the Wind Catcher clean energy project. Here’s Susan’s report:

The Sierra Club did a fantastic job of gathering their troops and involving other organizations to attend. They provided talking points, rally signs and buttons.

The best proponents I believe were three folks from Keys, OK (population 281) in Cimarron Co. — the school superintendent, the Mayor and a County Commissioner. They each described the economic conditions this rural community finds itself in. No major industries and so no tax base to draw from, no large employers, no grocery store, few goods and services. A reduction in the number of farms from 100 to a couple of dozen. The school district is now the smallest in the state “classrooms of 30 formerly and now a total school population of 56.” The Wind Catcher project has given the community hope. Jobs, revenues, increased goods and services, a growing population, employment opportunities and therefore a reason for families to remain in the community.

Other OROK members were also on hand, including Lynne Davis and Michelle Stearnes. We hope to hear good news soon regarding the OCC’s decision on this project.

Michelle Stearnes, far left; Connie Johnson, center (with sunglasses).