Connie Johnson’s strong record on medical cannabis

Connie Johnson, OROK’s gubernatorial candidate endorsee, has a record on medical marijuana that is unequaled among the candidates in the race, and goes back all the way to 2007.

She is rightly known as the mother of Oklahoma’s medical cannabis movement. During her time in the legislature she introduced four bills on the issue. Her unflinching persistence and determination to advance this cause was rewarded with the successful 2016 petition drive led by Oklahomans for Health that finally got the question on the ballot after multiple failed efforts.

OROK members are invited to participate in a special canvassing event to support Sen. Johnson’s race for governor (this is separate from our SQ788 canvass), tentatively scheduled for early April. As soon as a date is finalized, you can get more details and RSVP through our website or Facebook events list.