In order to let everyone decompress from the campaign season, we have decided to postpone our meeting until Thursday, Dec. 6. Same time, 6:30pm. And, for your trouble, we’ve added a holiday potluck to the mix. Come help us plan a better future over good food and conversation.

The location is the Teamsters Union Hall at 3528 West Reno in Oklahoma City (just west of I-44). Doors open at 6pm.

After more than a year of vigorous activity, multiple major events and many accomplishments, Our Revolution is preparing for its second annual meeting in Oklahoma City, with a bit of crowing to do, then a bit of business to take care of — including some proposed by-laws changes and preparing to elect a new board.

Non members welcome and encouraged! Use the form below to sign up. Check out the agenda beneath that.

Know someone who can help guide our organization? Nominate* them with this form (we will contact them and send them all the info they need and a full application form) .

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We incorporated in August 2017, when our first board of directors were elected. But we’d had three formational meetings by then, and our caucus had been a major player in the 2017 Democratic Party convention season. So our “first year” is really closer to 18 months. But who’s counting?

OROK accomplishments 2017-2018

Organizational programs and projects

2020 Vision with Nina Turner and Jim Hightower

SQ 788 Endorsement, Rally and Canvass

Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate Forum

SD 40 Democratic Primary Candidate Forum

Sponsored three workshops on organizing/campaigning strategies with The Incorruptibles

Three Bernie Sanders Town Hall Watch Parties

Dozens of committee meetings for Ballot Initiatives, Candidate Support, Communications, and Transform the Party program work

Largest caucus at 2017 Democratic party conventions

Sponsored/co-sponsored local town halls

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