Our First-Year (and a half) Highlights of Action and Accomplishments

We incorporated in August 2017, when our first board of directors were elected. But we’d had three formational meetings by then, and our caucus had been a major player in the 2017 Democratic Party convention season. So our “first year” is really closer to 18 months. But who’s counting?

OROK accomplishments 2017-2018

Organizational programs and projects

2020 Vision with Nina Turner and Jim Hightower

SQ 788 Endorsement, Rally and Canvass

Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate Forum

SD 40 Democratic Primary Candidate Forum

Sponsored three workshops on organizing/campaigning strategies with The Incorruptibles

Three Bernie Sanders Town Hall Watch Parties

Dozens of committee meetings for Ballot Initiatives, Candidate Support, Communications, and Transform the Party program work

Largest caucus at 2017 Democratic party conventions

Sponsored/co-sponsored local town halls

Lots more after the jump.

Candidate/Issue Support and Promotion

Endorsed candidates in 2018 primary, runoff, special and general elections through democratic member polling.

  • Governor (Primary)
  • Corp Commission
  • Norman City Council
  • SD 27
  • 11 legislative candidates (7 women, 3 POC)
  • Cleveland Co Sheriff
  • OKC City Council

2400 postcard mailers for legislative candidates

Phonebanking for Corp Commission candidate

Personal postcards to senior voters

Campaign Support Organizing Meetup for All Endorsed Candidates

Cleveland County Candidates forum (HD53, HD54, Cleveland Co. Sheriff)

Developed five role-specific questionnaires for gauging candidate endorsements


Outreach & communications

Marched and rallied

  • 2018 MLK Parade
  • Teacher walkout
  • OKC Pride
  • Norman Pride

Tabled at

  • 2017 Peace Festival
  • Teacher Walkout

Podcasts with endorsed candidates

The Orbit email newsletter

2700 Facebook Page “fans”

Published articles on Alex Scott (candidate for Norman City Council), democratic socialism, and more; op-eds on voter fraud bill and wind energy tax



Testimony at OCC hearing in support of Wind Catcher project

Public statements on wind tax, Kirk Humphries homophobic remarks, teacher walkout, SQ788

Documentary screening on police accountability

School supply drive for Cesar Chavez Elementary




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