Election day did not bring all the results we wanted, but we are so proud of the progressive message and hard work put out by our endorsed candidates:

  • Nikki Nice handily won the Ward 7 OKC City Council seat in a special election. Way to go, Nikki!
  • Carri Hicks will be the new Democratic representative for SD 40, flipping this mid-OKC seat. Congratulations!
  • Our remaining State Senate candidates – Linda Wade and Renee Jerden – and our State House candidates – Leslie Bonebreak, Katelyn Dockery, Amanda Jeffers, Rashard Bickham, Zach Pearson, Devyn Denton, Lavelle Compton, and Forrest Mayer – were a joy to support and have great political gifts to offer.
  • Our statewide candidate for Corporation Commission, Ashley Nicole McCray, was awe inspiring as she crossed the state battling an entrenched system controlled by friends of big oil and gas. She will not stop being be a force to reckon with and we look forward to working together on rectifying this.
  • And finally, our candidate for Cleveland County Sherriff, Kevin Hammond, brought important issues to the fore that he will continue to champion, as will we.

Thank you ALL for your courage and dedication to the issues we believe in. For those who did not prevail, the numerical results do not reflect the value of your efforts, not to us, not to your district, and not to our shared mission, which we will continue to pursue.

You all deserve some time to unwind from the campaign fray, but we look forward to working with you in the coming days and years to move Oklahoma forward, in whatever form that takes.

We also recognize the winning candidates in our area we didn’t endorse, but who ran on bringing a more progressive future to Oklahoma.. Congratulations to Kendra Horn, now the OK-5 Representative-Elect, Carrie Blumert, Merelyn Bell, Julia Kirt, Mary Boren, and all the others who will now serve in office to move Oklahoma into the future.

Join us for our second annual membership meeting on Thursday, Dec. 6