Our Revolution Oklahoma announces new board members

Oklahoma City, OK – Our Revolution Oklahoma announces the election of 13 members to serve on its board of directors. The election was conducted electronically between Dec. 11 and 19, with the decision being made by OROK’s members, who chose among 17 candidates.

The new board replaces an interim board, which was elected in August of 2017 at the organization’s first annual meeting following its incorporation. Terms begin on January 1, 2019.

Christine Byrd, Lynne Davis, Devyn Denton, Sam Frederickson, Nadine Gallagher, and Susan McCann were each elected to a two-year term. Leslie Bonebreak, Dario Elizondo, Rena Guay, Tom Guild, Mark Henricksen, Jesse Jackson, and Amanda Jeffers were each elected to a one-year term.

Five of the newly elected directors also served on the interim board: Mark Henricksen, who served as chair, Susan McCann, secretary, Sam Frederickson and Leslie Bonebreak.

About the new board members

Leslie Bonebreak lives in Moore and has been an active community volunteer for over 15 years. A mother of three, she ran for HD 53 in 2018 as an OROK endorsed candidate and is prepared to run again in 2020. She serves as president of a 250-home homeowners association, promotes local change by being the driving force behind Proposition 2 on the November 2016 ballot for curbside recycling, and regularly volunteers for public schools across Cleveland County.

Christine Byrd also recently ran for office, in Senate District 48. She works as outreach director for the Oklahoma Democratic Party, and is also an ordained minister.

Lynne Davis was a manager at a small business in OKC for many years, recently retiring. She has volunteered on numerous electoral campaigns, as well as on the effort to pass SQ 788 (medical marijuana) in 2018.

Devyn Denton is another recent candidate for office, having run for House District 39 and was one of 11 legislative candidates endorsed by OROK in the 2016 election cycle. She is currently running for Ward 1 of the Edmond City Council.

Dario Elizando is an attorney focusing on immigration law. He lives in Oklahoma City, where he is active with DREAM Act Oklahoma, among other organizations.

Sam Frederickson is an Oklahoma City activist who has worked with numerous local organizations. He helped found Our OKC, a local affiliate of The Incorruptibles.

Nadine Gallagher is a public school teacher living in Oklahoma City. In 2016, she served as a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the national Democratic Party Convention. She currently is chair of Congressional District 5 for the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

Rena Guay is a web developer living in Oklahoma City. She served as executive director of the Center for Conscience in Action for six years. She now is founding director of Just Future, a nonprofit coordinating services and resources to facilitate and enhance grassroots activism.

Tom Guild, a retired college professor, ran for CD-5 in 2016. He lives in Edmond and recently published an autobiography describing his journey from abandonment to adoption.

Mark Henricksen is an attorney in Oklahoma with a long history of volunteer activism with local nonprofits. He served as a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the national Democratic Party Convention. He served as chair of the OROK interim board from August 2017 to December 2018.

Jesse Jackson lives in Spencer and is the pastor of East 8th Street Christian Church. He shares a name with a famous national figure, but is much acclaimed locally in his own right as an activist and public speaker.

Amanda Jeffers is a high school teacher in Cleveland County. In 2016 she was a candidate for House District 91, and was endorsed by OROK.

Susan McCann is a retired teacher, and a dedicated activist in central Oklahoma. She was a key leader in the 2008 Obama campaign in Oklahoma, and in 2016 helped organize support for Bernie Sanders. She lives in Edmond.

Our Revolution Oklahoma is a chapter of Our Revolution, a national movement to continue the agenda of Bernie Sander’s campaign in 2016. We work to reclaim democracy for working people through campaigns, education and movement building.

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