OKLAHOMA CITY – The recently elected board of directors today voted for the officers who will lead the organization for 2019. They are:

  • Chair: Leslie Bonebreak
  • Vice Chair: Rena Guay
  • Secretary: Lynne Davis
  • Treasurer: Susan McCann
  • Assistant Treasurer: Sam Fredrickson

Ms. Bonebreak, Ms. McCann and Mr. Fredrickson were on the founding board, which was elected at the initial membership meeting. in August of 2017 and served through the end of 2018. Ms. Guay and Ms. Davis, while new to the board, have been involved with the organization since its establishment.

“I am thrilled to be leading a progressive organization that, while relatively new to the political scene in central Oklahoma, has already done a lot to support candidates and build a stronger progressive infrastructure for future action,” Bonebreak said. “In 2018 I ran for state House in District 53, and OR-OK was a huge help to my campaign. I want to continue and expand that kind of work, so we can ‘restore democracy for working people‘ in this state.” The slogan is one used by Our Revolution nationally to define their overall mission.

Ms. Bonebreak and other board members are kicking off a membership drive as the first priority for their term of service. Meanwhile, the group has endorsed candidates in municipal elections throughout central Oklahoma area, and will be working to get them elected on February 12 and any subsequent runoff elections for those offices.

“This new group of leaders will help us continue our record of action and achievement, Ms. Guay said. “We have a strong core of board members who were part of the founding group, and have added new ones who will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm. I’m excited to be part of it.”