OR-OK initiates dues-based membership, kicks off campaign

OKLAHOMA CITY – With the first meeting of OR-OK’s newly elected board today, the group moved to define rates for membership in line with by-laws changes approved by members at the annual meeting in December.

At the Dec. 6, 2018 gathering, members overwhelmingly approved changing the membership structure to require dues to fully participate in the organization’s activities, including voting for board members and in candidate endorsement polls. Previously, attendance at two events or a donation of any amount provided membership status.

The annual rates are $60 for sustaining membership, $27 for standard membership, and $10 for students or those on fixed incomes.

“We have established three levels of dues, and I think they accommodate the vast majority of our potential membership,” said Leslie Bonebreak, who was elected chair at the January meeting. “But we also know that with the existing economic injustice in our state and nation, we have to consider those whose incomes are simply insufficient to pay for participation, and for them we will provide free membership, with full rights to all the member perks.”

“This is a reflection of our political values, as well as our emphasis on civic participation over money — the same thing we ask of the candidates we support,” Bonebreak added.

“With the new rates established, we’re kicking off a membership drive to not only retain our existing members and move them to the new model, but to increase our ranks significantly in 2019,” said Rena Guay, Vice Chair. “Our new board is committed to this kind of steady expansion, and wants to have a strong foundation of funding and engagement as we get close to the 2020 election season.”

“It takes both money and engaged people to really have an impact, and this membership drive will allow us to develop both,” Bonebreak concluded.

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