Joining the Board

Our Revolution Oklahoma has annual board elections, which take place at or shortly after our annual membership meeting, but occasionally a position opens at other times. If you are interested in joining the board, please read the following to get a sense of our mission, activities and structure.

Board members must be official members of the organization. More info about membership and how to join here.

Candidates should

  • Share our values and be committed to our mission
  • Be ready to serve in a leadership role on a committee, or take charge of a key role in our operations or program work
  • Help fundraise through direct appeal, event organizing, or other method
  • Help develop, shape, and execute OROK’s political and outreach efforts
  • Support our endorsed candidates and ballot initiatives through donations, canvassing and other activities

We are seeking a board that is diverse in age, ethnic background, experience, skillsets and other factors. The nominations committee is charged with building a board that reflects these factors in order to assure that our organization represents our community and best serves the organization’s needs.

Background information for potential board members:

If you wish to be considered, contact our nominations committee at