Election day did not bring all the results we wanted, but we are so proud of the progressive message and hard work put out by our endorsed candidates:

  • Nikki Nice handily won the Ward 7 OKC City Council seat in a special election. Way to go, Nikki!
  • Carri Hicks will be the new Democratic representative for SD 40, flipping this mid-OKC seat. Congratulations!
  • Our remaining State Senate candidates – Linda Wade and Renee Jerden – and our State House candidates – Leslie Bonebreak, Katelyn Dockery, Amanda Jeffers, Rashard Bickham, Zach Pearson, Devyn Denton, Lavelle Compton, and Forrest Mayer – were a joy to support and have great political gifts to offer.
  • Our statewide candidate for Corporation Commission, Ashley Nicole McCray, was awe inspiring as she crossed the state battling an entrenched system controlled by friends of big oil and gas. She will not stop being be a force to reckon with and we look forward to working together on rectifying this.
  • And finally, our candidate for Cleveland County Sherriff, Kevin Hammond, brought important issues to the fore that he will continue to champion, as will we.

Thank you ALL for your courage and dedication to the issues we believe in. For those who did not prevail, the numerical results do not reflect the value of your efforts, not to us, not to your district, and not to our shared mission, which we will continue to pursue.

You all deserve some time to unwind from the campaign fray, but we look forward to working with you in the coming days and years to move Oklahoma forward, in whatever form that takes.

We also recognize the winning candidates in our area we didn’t endorse, but who ran on bringing a more progressive future to Oklahoma.. Congratulations to Kendra Horn, now the OK-5 Representative-Elect, Carrie Blumert, Merelyn Bell, Julia Kirt, Mary Boren, and all the others who will now serve in office to move Oklahoma into the future.

Join us for our second annual membership meeting on Thursday, Dec. 6


In order to let everyone decompress from the campaign season, we have decided to postpone our meeting until Thursday, Dec. 6. Same time, 6:30pm. And, for your trouble, we’ve added a holiday potluck to the mix. Come help us plan a better future over good food and conversation.

The location is the Teamsters Union Hall at 3528 West Reno in Oklahoma City (just west of I-44). Doors open at 6pm.

After more than a year of vigorous activity, multiple major events and many accomplishments, Our Revolution is preparing for its second annual meeting in Oklahoma City, with a bit of crowing to do, then a bit of business to take care of — including some proposed by-laws changes and preparing to elect a new board.

Non members welcome and encouraged! Use the form below to sign up. Check out the agenda beneath that.

Know someone who can help guide our organization? Nominate* them with this form (we will contact them and send them all the info they need and a full application form) .

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We incorporated in August 2017, when our first board of directors were elected. But we’d had three formational meetings by then, and our caucus had been a major player in the 2017 Democratic Party convention season. So our “first year” is really closer to 18 months. But who’s counting?

OROK accomplishments 2017-2018

Organizational programs and projects

2020 Vision with Nina Turner and Jim Hightower

SQ 788 Endorsement, Rally and Canvass

Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate Forum

SD 40 Democratic Primary Candidate Forum

Sponsored three workshops on organizing/campaigning strategies with The Incorruptibles

Three Bernie Sanders Town Hall Watch Parties

Dozens of committee meetings for Ballot Initiatives, Candidate Support, Communications, and Transform the Party program work

Largest caucus at 2017 Democratic party conventions

Sponsored/co-sponsored local town halls

Lots more after the jump.

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Goal Thermometer

Our list of endorsed candidates is growing, and we are working to help get them elected so we have more progressive representation at the State Capitol and in the other elected offices in Oklahoma where change is desperately needed after about a decade or more of pro-corporate policies and activities.

We’ve been canvassing, and we will continue to do so, but we also want to send out postcards to selected voters in their districts to help distinguish these progressive leaders from their opponents.

We need your help to make this possible. We’ve scouted out great rates for printing and mailing, designed our unique cards, and created a carefully screened list of likely progressive voters to mail to.

D O N A T E    H E R E

Now we just need the funds to make this happen! Please donate what you can to get these cards in the mail.

Here’s a sample of how our cards look for some of our first endorsed candidates:


And here’s who we’re helping:

  • Amanda Jeffers – HD 91
  • Carri Hicks – SD 40
  • Devyn Denton – HD 39
  • Katelyn Dockery – HD 54
  • Kevin Hammond – Cleveland County Sheriff
  • LaVelle C. Compton – HD 90
  • Leslie Bonebreak – HD 53
  • Linda Wade – SD 42
  • Rashard Bickham – HD 95
  • Renee Jerden – SD 24
  • Zach Pearson – HD 100
SD 40 forum ad

Our Revolution Oklahoma will host a forum for the two Democratic Party candidates in Senate District 40 who are vying for the party’s nomination in the June 26 primary election. The winner in that election will face Republican Senator Erwin Yen in the general election on Nov. 6.

Danielle Ezell and Carri Hicks are confirmed for the event, which will start at 7pm and take place in the north room (previously occupied by Bacon) at Vito’s Ristorante, 7521 N. May in Oklahoma City. No food service will be available during the forum (snacks, drinks available at the bar), so if you want to eat some of Vito’s marvelous food, arrive by 6 and navigate to the main room. No purchase is required to attend the forum, which is free of charge.

There is limited seating for this event, so be sure to reserve a spot for each person in your party using the form below. (If you need to use the form again, click on the small link under where it says “Welcome back.)

If no form appears, visit this page.

Please check that your email and phone are entered correctly on the form!