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Our list of endorsed candidates is growing, and we are working to help get them elected so we have more progressive representation at the State Capitol and in the other elected offices in Oklahoma where change is desperately needed after about a decade or more of pro-corporate policies and activities.

We’ve been canvassing, and we will continue to do so, but we also want to send out postcards to selected voters in their districts to help distinguish these progressive leaders from their opponents.

We need your help to make this possible. We’ve scouted out great rates for printing and mailing, designed our unique cards, and created a carefully screened list of likely progressive voters to mail to.

D O N A T E    H E R E

Now we just need the funds to make this happen! Please donate what you can to get these cards in the mail.

Here’s a sample of how our cards look for some of our first endorsed candidates:


And here’s who we’re helping:

  • Amanda Jeffers – HD 91
  • Carri Hicks – SD 40
  • Devyn Denton – HD 39
  • Katelyn Dockery – HD 54
  • Kevin Hammond – Cleveland County Sheriff
  • LaVelle C. Compton – HD 90
  • Leslie Bonebreak – HD 53
  • Linda Wade – SD 42
  • Rashard Bickham – HD 95
  • Renee Jerden – SD 24
  • Zach Pearson – HD 100
SD 40 forum ad

Our Revolution Oklahoma will host a forum for the two Democratic Party candidates in Senate District 40 who are vying for the party’s nomination in the June 26 primary election. The winner in that election will face Republican Senator Erwin Yen in the general election on Nov. 6.

Danielle Ezell and Carri Hicks are confirmed for the event, which will start at 7pm and take place in the north room (previously occupied by Bacon) at Vito’s Ristorante, 7521 N. May in Oklahoma City. No food service will be available during the forum (snacks, drinks available at the bar), so if you want to eat some of Vito’s marvelous food, arrive by 6 and navigate to the main room. No purchase is required to attend the forum, which is free of charge.

There is limited seating for this event, so be sure to reserve a spot for each person in your party using the form below. (If you need to use the form again, click on the small link under where it says “Welcome back.)

If no form appears, visit this page.

Please check that your email and phone are entered correctly on the form!

Today eligible OROK members were sent a ballot to vote on three races: HD 53, SD 16 and Cleveland County Sheriff. This is the first of several batches of ballots that will be sent out.

The deadline for this ballot is Midnight on Friday, May 18, 2018. Below are the races included on this ballot, with links to the questionnaires that were returned. Subsequent polls prior to the  June 26 primary will include other races on the primary ballot, before we begin polling on races that will appear on the November ballot.

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Whoa! Can you believe our politics these days? It’s one crazy thing after another. So crazy the OK legislature went home early!

But not us! We’re not stopping for one minute. Because we have 2020 Vision and can see the future of Oklahoma clearly!

Our committees are busy as bees and you should get to the next meeting of the one that interests you. Member polls on candidate endorsement are underway. But the BIG news is our big political rally on May 31 featuring Nina Turner and Jim Hightower. Yes, you should not only Believe It, you should Be There!

Get your tickets now!


Note: Links do not work in the preview above, download PDF here.

This fundraiser will be held in a private home and give attenders a chance to speak with OROK activists and their special guests, Nina Turner and Jim Hightower, two of the most inspiring leaders in the progressive movement today.
Nina Turner is the president of Our Revolution and Jim Hightower is a popular author, radio host and public speaker who sits on the OR national board.

Wednesday, May 30, 7 – 9 PM in Oklahoma City.  You will be emailed the address after you order the tickets.

Suggested donation is $50 per person. Indicate the number in your party in the form below.

You are also invited to our 2020 Vision (free) political rally on the evening of 5/31 (More info.)

Update: Due to a generous donor, our costs for this event have been subsidized. But it’s still a fundraiser and we need your support!

Our Revolution Oklahoma invites you to join us for a very special event on Thursday, May 31 — an evening of political ideas and information, inspiration and action focused on a new and more progressive Oklahoma. Starting this election year and continuing through 2020, OROK will be working hard to find and support candidates for local, state and national office, building up a progressive infrastructure for political change, and transforming the way elections are run and won.

Don’t miss this incredible political rally. Two dynamic progressive leaders — One revolutionary event! This political rally will feature OR president Nina Turner and “America’s favorite populist” Jim Hightower.

Location: Teamsters Union Hall, 3528 W Ren0 Ave., OKC

Doors open at 6pm. Preregistered attenders will have reserved seating. Please have everyone in your party register with the form below.

Light refreshments will be served.

Oklahoma speakers will also be on the program:

  • Connie Johnson
  • Rep. Collin Walke
  • Ed Shadid
  • Arnold Hamilton

A generous gift has subsidized our costs for this event. But this is still a fundraiser to support our work on finding and electing progressive candidates, developing ballot initiatives, communications, outreach and more.

Please donate to fund our work to find progressive candidates and create progressive ballot initiatives.



Want to help publicize the event. Print and distribute our promotional flyer.

If you have trouble with the form below, visit this page.


  • Oklahoma Observer
  • Oklahoma City Democratic Socialists
  • Al McAffrey for OK County Commissioner
  • Tom Guild for CD5-OK