Taking the organizing model the Bernie ’16 Campaign used in OKC and around the country, Our Revolution Oklahoma will meet on March 6  to arm ourselves with the latest and greatest information to push for Medical Marijuana legalization (one of the state questions on the June 26th ballot) and then organize into teams ready to take the “Vote YES” message to the streets and the web. Can you feel the Bern?!

This will be the first quarterly membership meeting of 2018, which is an important election year for candidates as well as ballot initiatives like 788. The June 26 election will also include the gubernatorial primaries.

Our informative forum will include members of Patients and Activists for 788 and Oklahomans for Cannabis, who organized and collected signatures to make sure the citizen initiative was on the ballot for Oklahoma voters after a years-long struggle.

There will also be reports from our committees on their work, and some resources on the campaigns and candidates that will be on our ballots this year. The event will be held at the Teamsters Union Hall and doors open at 6 PM!

Don’t miss it! Reserve your seat now.

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On Tuesday, January 23 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm, join OROK to watch and cheer as Bernie Sanders holds a 90-minute town hall on his Medicare for All plan. We will access the event via livestream from Washington DC., which starts at 6pm Central time. Space is limited, so reserve your seat using the form below.

He will have a simultaneous online Q&A so get your questions ready! How to submit your questions:

Location will be announced soon, but it will be a local eatery where you can order a meal and/or drinks while soaking in the company of leftists who are fighting for real change in the US. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of history!

Facebook EventEvent press release | Read Bernie’s full plan to provide Medicare for All | tl;dr Vox explainer

We are pleased to be able to host trainers from The Incorruptibles to conduct three FREE workshops for Oklahoma grassroots activists wanting to learn a new approach to community organizing and taking back their government. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity! Each workshop is limited to 60 participants, so register now. (See video below to learn more about this successful approach to organizing and fighting corporate control of government.)


You must register for each workshop separately.

OKC Strategize Your City

Saturday January 20, 9 AM – Noon in Oklahoma City  |  Register for this event
How can your organization become THE dominant force in city politics? This workshop introduces the basics of creating a long-lasting coalition that elects true representatives of the people every election. In this workshop, The Incorruptibles guide you through the five key areas you’ll focus on to build strong grassroots movement to take over your city. Our model for city organizing is based on the incredible success of the Richmond Progressive Alliance, which, over the course of a dozen years elected a two-term mayor and a super-majority on the city council, all candidates who were cultivated by the RPA.

Raising Small Dollar Donations

Saturday January 20, 3-5 pm in Norman  |  Register for this event
How can true representatives of the people compete with corporate-backed candidates? We must become experts at raising hundreds, thousands, or millions of small donations. In this workshop, The Incorruptibles guide you through a simple process by which you can turn every event into an opportunity to inspire generosity from supporters. We’ll also focus on a specific type of event, the Bernie-style Town Hall, that is an excellent way to learn from, educate, and mobilize constituents (to donate or volunteer).

Strategize Your State

Sunday January 21, 2-5 pm in Norman  | Register for this event
Like our Strategize Your City workshop, Strategize Your State helps lay the groundwork for your organization or coalition to begin to fill state government with true representatives of the people. The Incorruptibles guide you through the five key areas you’ll focus on to build strong grassroots movement to take over your state government. Our model for statewide organizing is based on the success of Mass Alliance, a coalition that has increased the number of progressives in MA state government every election to about 40% today.


Listen to the Richmond, California story of taking back government from corporate control: