We incorporated in August 2017, when our first board of directors were elected. But we’d had three formational meetings by then, and our caucus had been a major player in the 2017 Democratic Party convention season. So our “first year” is really closer to 18 months. But who’s counting?

OROK accomplishments 2017-2018

Organizational programs and projects

2020 Vision with Nina Turner and Jim Hightower

SQ 788 Endorsement, Rally and Canvass

Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate Forum

SD 40 Democratic Primary Candidate Forum

Sponsored three workshops on organizing/campaigning strategies with The Incorruptibles

Three Bernie Sanders Town Hall Watch Parties

Dozens of committee meetings for Ballot Initiatives, Candidate Support, Communications, and Transform the Party program work

Largest caucus at 2017 Democratic party conventions

Sponsored/co-sponsored local town halls

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Goal Thermometer

Our list of endorsed candidates is growing, and we are working to help get them elected so we have more progressive representation at the State Capitol and in the other elected offices in Oklahoma where change is desperately needed after about a decade or more of pro-corporate policies and activities.

We’ve been canvassing, and we will continue to do so, but we also want to send out postcards to selected voters in their districts to help distinguish these progressive leaders from their opponents.

We need your help to make this possible. We’ve scouted out great rates for printing and mailing, designed our unique cards, and created a carefully screened list of likely progressive voters to mail to.

D O N A T E    H E R E

Now we just need the funds to make this happen! Please donate what you can to get these cards in the mail.

Here’s a sample of how our cards look for some of our first endorsed candidates:


And here’s who we’re helping:

  • Amanda Jeffers – HD 91
  • Carri Hicks – SD 40
  • Devyn Denton – HD 39
  • Katelyn Dockery – HD 54
  • Kevin Hammond – Cleveland County Sheriff
  • LaVelle C. Compton – HD 90
  • Leslie Bonebreak – HD 53
  • Linda Wade – SD 42
  • Rashard Bickham – HD 95
  • Renee Jerden – SD 24
  • Zach Pearson – HD 100

Whoa! Can you believe our politics these days? It’s one crazy thing after another. So crazy the OK legislature went home early!

But not us! We’re not stopping for one minute. Because we have 2020 Vision and can see the future of Oklahoma clearly!

Our committees are busy as bees and you should get to the next meeting of the one that interests you. Member polls on candidate endorsement are underway. But the BIG news is our big political rally on May 31 featuring Nina Turner and Jim Hightower. Yes, you should not only Believe It, you should Be There!

Get your tickets now!


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Mark Henricksen speaks on Democratic Socialism

On March 7, OROK chair Mark Henricksen addressed The Brennan Society with a speech entitled “Why I Am a Democratic Socialist.” Watch below; scroll down for the written text.

Please “like” the video on Youtube and follow our new channel, which will feature other speeched, interviews with activists and candidates, officeholders and policy advocates.

The talk was recorded by OROK Communications and Outreach Committee Chair.

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A poll of eligible members will determine whether Our Revolution will publicly endorse State Question 788. If passed, OROK will promote voting and active support for this measure. Poll closes at 11:59 pm on March 5, 2018.
OROK voting members were polled between Feb. 22 and March 5 with the question “Should OROK endorse State Question 788 (medical marijuana)?”
Votes Yes: 30
Votes No: 1
Abstain: 0

We are gearing up for our canvassing campaign for State Question 788 (medical marijuana) and putting out the call for experienced as well as newbi canvassers to help us contact targeted voters who are likely to support this initiative.

Also on deck this month, meetings in our committees on ballot initiatives, candidate endorsements and lots more.

Be sure to join us on Saturday March 24 to march behind our beautiful banner in support of gun reform and supporting our students marching for their lives.


If you are on our list, check your email for the issue. If not subscribe here, or you can download a PDF version, which we encourage you to forward to friends who might be interested in our work. And thank you for that!

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We had an active January, and we’re not stopping now! In this issue, read about all our activities last month, and those we have planned for you!

Then sign up for our Bernstorm for SQ788 on March 6, and let’s get medical marijuana legalized in Oklahoma by registering and getting folks to the polls on June 26. We’ll get all the info and materials we need from those who worked tirelessly for years to get this on the ballot.

If you are on our list, check your email for the issue. If not subscribe here, or you can download a PDF version, which we encourage you to forward to friends who might be interested in our work. And thank you for that!

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Taking the organizing model the Bernie ’16 Campaign used in OKC and around the country, Our Revolution Oklahoma will meet on March 6  to arm ourselves with the latest and greatest information to push for Medical Marijuana legalization (one of the state questions on the June 26th ballot) and then organize into teams ready to take the “Vote YES” message to the streets and the web. Can you feel the Bern?!

This will be the first quarterly membership meeting of 2018, which is an important election year for candidates as well as ballot initiatives like 788. The June 26 election will also include the gubernatorial primaries.

Our informative forum will include members of Patients and Activists for 788 and Oklahomans for Cannabis, who organized and collected signatures to make sure the citizen initiative was on the ballot for Oklahoma voters after a years-long struggle.

There will also be reports from our committees on their work, and some resources on the campaigns and candidates that will be on our ballots this year. The event will be held at the Teamsters Union Hall and doors open at 6 PM!

Don’t miss it! Reserve your seat now.

Image: TheDailyChronic.net

The Incorruptibles’ model of campaign organizing rejects corporate PAC money, builds on town halls and small dollar donations.

The Incorruptibles workshops, presented free of charge in OKC and Norman on the weekend of January 20-21, were challenging, in-depth trainings that gave attendees the resources and tools to create tight, grassroots coalitions of folks currently underserved by their governments.

Attended by candidates and possible future candidates, as well as community activists, the three sessions provided the opportunity to learn how to Strategize Your City, Strategize your State and Raise Small-Dollar Donations.

Saturday morning, at the Strategize Your City workshop, we did lots of  brainstorming of underserved groups, listed possible coalition partners, discussed the power structure of Oklahoma City government, and thought of hot-button policy issues facing the city (and the demographic groups affected).

Saturday afternoon, the Raising Small-Dollar Donations workshop explained the concept of Continuous Town Halls — how they can be utilized as an opportunity to connect with different constituent groups, and how they can be a great source for small-dollar donations. We practiced listening sessions, which were supposed to be 70% listening, with the rest of the town hall (30%) being used for educating and mobilizing attendees. 70% listening is not easy, will definitely take practice!

On Sunday, the Strategize Your State workshop (which was critical to include, because Oklahoma has such deep problems at the state level) was similar in flavor to the Strategize Your City workshop, but with different answers to the questions asked. We came up with a great list of possible coalition partners. Then we looked at the structure of state elections, and had a spirited discussion (to be continued) on what our “dealbreaker” issues are for us to engage with possible coalition partners. (Is all corporate money bad? What if the corporation is an ESG [environmental, social, and governance] corporation?

OROK board member Melody Ball was responsible for finding out about this fantastic free resource for progressive activists. She send a followup message to attenders of all the workshops: “Be on the lookout — a follow-up meeting is being planned! And thanks for joining us!”

The Incorruptibles | Sign up for info on future OROK workshops.


We have just launched a new monthly digital newsletter called The Orbit. Our premiere issue features the announcement of our first candidate endorsement (Connie Johnson for Governor), details about the work of our committees (where the real action is!) and info about upcoming events like our Take Back Government workshops with The Incorruptibles and our participation in the Oklahoma City Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Parade.

Lots of opportunities to put your revolutionary fervor to work!

If you got the issue in your inbox, you are all set. If you want to subscribe, we would be happy to keep you in the loop with future issues. In the meantime, here’s a PDF version to read and share.

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