Committees are the heart of our organization. They are where the ideas originate, the work gets done, the action happens. Where missions are determined and  achieved. If you want to get involved, join a committee and get to work! Here are our currently active committees — read below about their functions within the organization.

Ballot Initiatives | Communications & Outreach
Candidate Support | Transforming Politics

Ballot Initiatives

Oklahoma allows its citizens to create initiative petitions on the ballot — known as state questions — and local municipalities have a similar process. This committee works to identify issues where such campaigns can help make progressive change, and develop or support efforts to pass them. It also evaluates all the state questions that Oklahomans will have a chance to vote on, and provides an endorsement or recommendation.

Communications & Outreach

This committee functions to serve the other committees and the board by providing tools and services needed to reach and activate our members, publicize our activities and events, and promote membership. It produces our website, newsletter, social media content, press releases, photos, graphics, podcast (coming soon) and more.

Candidate Support

A team that manages our candidate endorsement process, recruits and trains candidates that agree with our positions on the issues, and encourages our members to help good candidates by canvassing and providing other volunteer support.

Transforming Politics

This committee works to support better legislation & policy, hold politicians accountable, strengthen the progressive wing of the Democratic party, and increase voting and civic engagement. Whew, that’s a lot — we need your participation and support!



Since meeting times are subject to change, the best way to find out what’s coming up for our committees is to check our Facebook events page.