Official endorsements

Our Revolution Oklahoma has as part of its mission the development, recruitment and endorsement of candidates that can carry our progressive/economic populist agenda forward in their campaign. We welcome candidates or potential candidates to provide us with their issue platforms and contact information and to reach out to us for more information.

We also evaluate the state questions that Oklahoma voters have a chance to consider at the polls, and on those selected by our board we poll our members to determine our endorsed position.

In all cases, the final decision for endorsements by OROK are made by a vote of our members. Only registered members are eligible to vote in these surveys, and this polling is conducted electronically. If you wish to participate, we invite you to join.

A small number of candidates so endorsed by OROK will be forwarded to the national office for their consideration for a separate national endorsement. We are limited to submitting no more than three candidates to national in any election cycle, within a date range they specify. The decision on which OROK endorsements to forward will be made by the OROK board, based on recommendations from the candidate committee and criteria spelled out by national.

This part of our work is carried out by the Candidate Support committee, which immediately after we incorporated in August 2017 was tasked with creating a process for determining which races and which candidates in those races to consider for an endorsement in the 2018 election cycle by Our Revolution Oklahoma.

We invite all those interested in working in this area of our mission to get involved with the committee. Contact us for info about meetings.


2018 Endorsements