OROK 2018 endorsements

Our Revolution Oklahoma makes endorsements of candidates and state ballot questions based on a vote of our members. See our Endorsements page for more info. To be eligible to vote on endorsements, join.

Please note: Our Revolution Oklahoma’s Candidate Support committee decided in January 2018 that it would follow the preference of OR National by focusing endorsements on local and state races this election cycle. No federal races are being considered for endorsement in 2018.

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State Questions

Yes on SQ 788
Yes on SQ 788


The candidates below are still viable in either the August Runoff or the November General Election.  For more info on the candidates, click their names in the boxes below.


Ashley Nicole McCray – Oklahoma Corporation Commission

OK House

Leslie Bonebreak – HD 53

Amanda Jeffers

Rashard Bickham

Devyn Denton

Zach Pearson

LaVelle C. Compton

Katelyn Dockery

Forrest Mayer


OK Senate

Linda Wade

Carri Hicks

Renee Jerden


Local and County

Kevin Hammond


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June 26, 2018 Election – Primary and State Question 788

State Questions

SQ 788: OROK members have voted to support a YES vote.

SQ 788 is the only state question on the ballot for the June 26, 2018 election.

Statewide races

Governor: OROK endorses Connie Johnson

Our questionnaire was sent on Nov. 10 to seven candidates for governor — four Republicans, two Democrats and one Independent. The criteria used for candidates to receive the questionnaire was (1) they had to be declared and (2) they had to have an online presence. The deadline for responses was December 1. Members were polled and the results were announced on Jan. 5, 2018.

We forwarded this endorsement to the OR national board and Senator Johnson was subsequently endorsed at the national level as well.

State Legislature

Once the filing period ended on April 13, questionnaires began to be sent to candidates in Central Oklahoma with a primary election on June 26. Polling will begin in early May and the first set of endorsements will be announced approximately a week thereafter. Check back here for updates.

OK Senate
OK House
County and Local

General Election – Nov. 6, 2018

We will begin polling members on the general election races after the June 26 primary. Check back here.

State Questions