As a grassroots organization, Our Revolution depends on members to perform and fund the work to achieve our goals. While anyone can subscribe to receive our newsletter, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and attend most of our events, becoming a member (1) shows you are serious about helping reach our shared goals and (2) provides us with a base of support that lends weight to our statements, projects and endorsements.

We urge you to “officially join” OROK by filling out an application so we have your contact info, and making a donation, or even a regular sustaining commitment towards our funding needs.

But, there are also a number of benefits to membership that might better entice you!

Perks of membership

  1. Vote in OROK elections and polls
  1. Opportunity to run for board to be part of leading this organization
  2. Monthly delivery of The Orbit, our newsletter, and occasional action alerts
  3. Early announcements of special events
  4. Access to invitation-only gatherings such as watch parties and happy hours
  5. Discounts on some merchandise
  6. The company of some of Oklahoma’s most progressive revolutionaries!

How to become a member

Annual membership is activated when you sign in at two official OROK meetings or make a donation of any amount.

Member Polls

Official members* of Our Revolution Oklahoma can participate in our candidate and ballot initiative endorsements. Such endorsements are decided solely by a vote of members. It is one of the major perks of membership, so we encourage you to join.

Members may participate in our polls regardless of where they live in Oklahoma. So even if you are not in the district a candidate is running for, you can help decide if OROK will grant an endorsement or not.

In order for members to assess the candidates, we send out a rather extensive questionnaire to candidates, to determine how they align with Our Revolution policy positions. As part of the endorsement polling, we provide all the returned questionnaires that we receive, or, if a candidate does not respond, we note that.

All member polls are conducted electronically, and eligible members are emailed with the current polls and a link to the ballot. If you are a member, check your email regularly during election season (or when special elections are being held), as there is a limited period of time in which you can vote in each race.

If you have questions about this process, or are a candidate who has not received a questionnaire, please contact our Candidate Support committee at

Board elections

Elections for board members, also limited to official members, are conducted at membership meetings. An announcement of an upcoming elections will be sent to our subscribers at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.