Update: Due to a generous donor, our costs for this event have been subsidized. But it’s still a fundraiser and we need your support!

Our Revolution Oklahoma invites you to join us for a very special event on Thursday, May 31 — an evening of political ideas and information, inspiration and action focused on a new and more progressive Oklahoma. Starting this election year and continuing through 2020, OROK will be working hard to find and support candidates for local, state and national office, building up a progressive infrastructure for political change, and transforming the way elections are run and won.

Don’t miss this incredible political rally. Two dynamic progressive leaders — One revolutionary event! This political rally will feature OR president Nina Turner and “America’s favorite populist” Jim Hightower.

Location: Teamsters Union Hall, 3528 W Ren0 Ave., OKC

Doors open at 6pm. Preregistered attenders will have reserved seating. Please have everyone in your party register with the form below.

Light refreshments will be served.

Oklahoma speakers will also be on the program:

  • Connie Johnson
  • Rep. Collin Walke
  • Ed Shadid
  • Arnold Hamilton

A generous gift has subsidized our costs for this event. But this is still a fundraiser to support our work on finding and electing progressive candidates, developing ballot initiatives, communications, outreach and more.

Please donate to fund our work to find progressive candidates and create progressive ballot initiatives.



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  • Oklahoma Observer
  • Oklahoma City Democratic Socialists
  • Al McAffrey for OK County Commissioner
  • Tom Guild for CD5-OK
SD 40 forum ad

Our Revolution Oklahoma will host a forum for the two Democratic Party candidates in Senate District 40 who are vying for the party’s nomination in the June 26 primary election. The winner in that election will face Republican Senator Erwin Yen in the general election on Nov. 6.

Danielle Ezell and Carri Hicks are confirmed for the event, which will start at 7pm and take place in the north room (previously occupied by Bacon) at Vito’s Ristorante, 7521 N. May in Oklahoma City. No food service will be available during the forum (snacks, drinks available at the bar), so if you want to eat some of Vito’s marvelous food, arrive by 6 and navigate to the main room. No purchase is required to attend the forum, which is free of charge.

There is limited seating for this event, so be sure to reserve a spot for each person in your party using the form below. (If you need to use the form again, click on the small link under where it says “Welcome back.)

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Today eligible OROK members were sent a ballot to vote on three races: HD 53, SD 16 and Cleveland County Sheriff. This is the first of several batches of ballots that will be sent out.

The deadline for this ballot is Midnight on Friday, May 18, 2018. Below are the races included on this ballot, with links to the questionnaires that were returned. Subsequent polls prior to the  June 26 primary will include other races on the primary ballot, before we begin polling on races that will appear on the November ballot.

Cleveland County Sheriff

Incumbent, Todd Gibson, appointed after resignation of Joe Lester)

Questionnaires were sent to to following candidates in this race:

Responses we received from candidates are linked above (PDF). Absence of a link indicates no response was received.

House District 53

Incumbent, Mark McBride (Republican)

Questionnaires were sent to the following candidates in this race:

Responses we received from candidates are linked above (PDF).

Senate District 16

Open seat

Questionnaires were sent to the following candidates in this race:

  • Aleisha Karjala (Democrat)
  • Mary Brown Boren (Democrat)
  • Claudia Griffith (Democrat)

Responses we received from candidates are linked above (PDF). Absence of a link indicates no response was received.

Whoa! Can you believe our politics these days? It’s one crazy thing after another. So crazy the OK legislature went home early!

But not us! We’re not stopping for one minute. Because we have 2020 Vision and can see the future of Oklahoma clearly!

Our committees are busy as bees and you should get to the next meeting of the one that interests you. Member polls on candidate endorsement are underway. But the BIG news is our big political rally on May 31 featuring Nina Turner and Jim Hightower. Yes, you should not only Believe It, you should Be There!

Get your tickets now!


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This fundraiser will be held in a private home and give attenders a chance to speak with OROK activists and their special guests, Nina Turner and Jim Hightower, two of the most inspiring leaders in the progressive movement today.
Nina Turner is the president of Our Revolution and Jim Hightower is a popular author, radio host and public speaker who sits on the OR national board.

Wednesday, May 30, 7 – 9 PM in Oklahoma City.  You will be emailed the address after you order the tickets.

Suggested donation is $50 per person. Indicate the number in your party in the form below.

You are also invited to our 2020 Vision (free) political rally on the evening of 5/31 (More info.)

The rule of Republican supply-siders in Oklahoma has brought us to the budget crisis we now face. While corporate welfare and incomes for our top 2% have risen, we have sunk to the bottom in most every measurable category: income equality, health outcomes, educational attainment. A once proud state has been reduced to shuttered rural hospitals and businesses, crumbling roads and bridges, and growing disparity of incomes.

Nowhere is our failure under austerity policies more pronounced and self-defeating than in our public schools. Failure to keep schools funded has now led to a walkout of teachers across the state, who not only demand long-neglected raises, but funding for school upkeep, books, supplies, support staff, as well as arts, foreign language and science programs – things that should be taken for granted but have been cut from our schools. They audaciously demand that all Oklahoma public schools operate for a full five-day week!

Oklahoma’s wealthy and corporate entities depend on consumers and taxpayers – which include teachers and their families — to maintain the marketplace that allows them to prosper. But the cost of educating our children cannot rest solely on those groups. It’s past time to even out the responsibility, by raising the gross production tax back to the historic 7% (or more), eliminating the capital gains deduction and other tax breaks that benefit only the very wealthy.

OROK fully endorses the teacher walkout, for as long as it takes to make the legislative leadership come to its senses and pass bills that restore Oklahoma to a basic standard of public services through progressive tax reform.

Chelsea Marlett-Kennedy

By Chelsea Marlett-Kennedy

State Question 788, allowing for medical marijuana, will be on the June 26 ballot. It is the result of three grassroots campaigns in the past decade to get this matter voted on by the people of Oklahoma. The legislature has the option to pass enacting legislation to further shape and facilitate the resulting law.
This speech was given at a meeting of Our Revolution Oklahoma in Oklahoma City on March 6, 2018.

At a time when the people of Oklahoma are set to vote on using the proven medicine found in Cannabis, and at a time when polling suggests that nearly 70% of all Oklahomans support SQ 788, along comes Republican Senator Erwin Yen (SD40) with a bill (SB1120) that he touts as the only medical cannabis bill in the state. Senator Yen’s bill is the worst form of snake oil, masquerading as compassionate care for those we know who suffer immensely and want to avoid the use of or addiction to opiate based medication.

Sen. Yen, an anesthesiologist, presents us with disaster, not relief. He uses his membership in the American Medical Association to claim that he and he alone has the expertise to know what patients need. What he claims patients need is a bill so restrictive that few, if any, will be able to use medical cannabis. He restricts the qualifying conditions to exclude many illnesses that result in chronic pain.

He doesn’t believe that our brave veterans who risked their lives in combat and now suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of their service deserve any relief but opiate- or diazepam-based medications. Despite what is documented as the worst opiate crisis in American history, Sen. Yen insists that those suffering from chronic pain MUST prove that they have tried all available opiates before being allowed to use cannabis.

This type of restrictive, intrusive legislation is an insult to patients who have suffered too long. This is absolutely unacceptable to those of us who have fought long and hard for the rights of patients and their families.

On another front, State Representative JP Jordan has introduced medical cannabis legislation that promises to be less restrictive. It provides for feedback through the creation of The Oklahoma Cannabis Commission made up of citizens and health care professionals. Most important, it allows for a broad list of medical conditions that allow patients to receive medical cannabis. In comparison to Sen. Yen’s draconian legislation, House Bill 3468 is a breath of fresh air.

At a time when the people spoke overwhelmingly through the initiative petition process and appear on the verge of passing revolutionary legislation to help address the opiate crisis, along come a lawmaker who belongs to a party touting smaller government and fewer regulations. Sen. Yen’s legislation violates the very principles his party stands for.

Rather than keeping the bill under the umbrella of health-related agencies, Sen. Yen prefers making it a law and order issue, a throwback to the tired old war-on-drugs, reefer-madness mentality that we had hoped was beginning to fade away. Rep. JP Jordan steers toward the saner path of sensible regulations of a much needed treatment option.

No one in our community is opposed to sensible regulations and oversight by qualified professionals. We recognize that there is a potential for some people to use something good to break the law for their own selfish purposes. Most importantly we recognize that insanity is defined as doing the same tired old things over and over while expecting different outcomes. Senator Yen proposes doing the same tired old nonsense that failed to work the first time. His legislation meets the definition of insanity.

So, what we need at this point is for lawmakers to help us, not hinder us in our efforts, to aid us in healing and seeing to it that our patients are spared the addiction and side effects of opiate-based medications, not arrested and sent off to private prisons. We need compassion, not over regulation.

We need sane, balanced compassionate legislation that leans heavily on medicine and sparingly on law enforcement to address the few bad apples that harm us all.

We need that. We need that now. It is our earnest desire to see our patients receive treatment that eases their suffering while reducing the incidence of addiction and fatal opiate overdoses that now kill more people per year than automobile accidents.

We implore our lawmakers to be compassionate. Please call your senators and ask that they vote no on Senator Yen’s Senate Bill 1120.
Thank you.

Chelsea Marlett-Kennedy is a long-time activist on this issue, having worked on all three initiative campaigns.

Find contact info for your State Representative and Senator

Mark Henricksen speaks on Democratic Socialism

On March 7, OROK chair Mark Henricksen addressed The Brennan Society with a speech entitled “Why I Am a Democratic Socialist.” Watch below; scroll down for the written text.

Please “like” the video on Youtube and follow our new channel, which will feature other speeched, interviews with activists and candidates, officeholders and policy advocates.

The talk was recorded by OROK Communications and Outreach Committee Chair.

Read More

A poll of eligible members will determine whether Our Revolution will publicly endorse State Question 788. If passed, OROK will promote voting and active support for this measure. Poll closes at 11:59 pm on March 5, 2018.
OROK voting members were polled between Feb. 22 and March 5 with the question “Should OROK endorse State Question 788 (medical marijuana)?”
Votes Yes: 30
Votes No: 1
Abstain: 0

We are gearing up for our canvassing campaign for State Question 788 (medical marijuana) and putting out the call for experienced as well as newbi canvassers to help us contact targeted voters who are likely to support this initiative.

Also on deck this month, meetings in our committees on ballot initiatives, candidate endorsements and lots more.

Be sure to join us on Saturday March 24 to march behind our beautiful banner in support of gun reform and supporting our students marching for their lives.


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