Devyn Denton

Devyn Denton

Devyn Denton
Devyn Denton (Democrat) for HD 39

Devyn Denton is a 2018 Democratic Party Candidate for House District 39. She has been endorsed by Our Revolution Oklahoma.

HD 39 Election Info.

OROK Legislative Candidate Questionnaire Response (PDF)

Bio from campaign website (captured 7/27/2018):

Devyn’s roots are deep in Oklahoma, with a rich family background extending back to the Civil War of proud Oklahomans including farmers, veterans, teachers, and nurses. She was born in Oklahoma City and grew up in the rural, sacred lands of the Cherokee Nation. First female Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller was her godmother, and tribal spiritual leader Crosslin Smith was a close advisor and mentor to the Denton family. As a result of these guiding influences, she was instilled from a young age with an overpowering desire to help others and achieve excellence, which manifested as a calling to join the world of medicine.


A proud resident of Edmond, Devyn has two children, one of them a junior at Edmond North High School and the other pursuing college. As a trauma nurse, first responder, volunteer firefighter, and 5th generation teacher, she has a long history of going above and beyond to serve her community.


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