Forrest Mayer

Forrest Mayer is a 2018 Democratic Party Candidate for House District 76. He has been endorsed by Our Revolution Oklahoma.

HD 76 Election Info.


OROK Legislative Candidate Questionnaire Response (PDF)

Bio from campaign website (captured 7/30/2018):

Forrest is an informal science educator who believes that Oklahoma is long overdue for an update. Our laws are outdated, our technology is obsolete, and our legislature’s priorities are petty and narrow-minded. Our grand state is quickly falling behind. In many places, it already has.

Forrest sees the lessons of science as guides to effective public policy. When making decisions, he relies on evidence and reason rather than emotion and tradition in order to ensure that issues are solved fairly, rationally, and in an innovative manner. His goal is to bring Oklahoma into the 21st Century and put us on the cutting edge of industry, education, and technology.

Forrest believes in human effort and ingenuity, not party politics. Democrat or Republican, we all want the same things: success for our state and a bright future for our children. There are too many good ideas that have been put forth by both parties to pretend that one has all the answers. Forrest’s analytical mindset unburdens him from partisan ties and allows him to carefully consider arguments from both sides of the aisle. As Americans we have to think for ourselves, make our own rules, and take responsibility for our own actions and their impact on the world we live in.

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