OROK 2018 endorsements

Our Revolution Oklahoma makes endorsements of candidates and state ballot questions based on a vote of our members. See our Endorsements page for more info. To be eligible to vote on endorsements, join.

Please note: Our Revolution Oklahoma’s Candidate Support committee decided in January 2018 that it would follow the preference of OR National by focusing endorsements on local and state races this election cycle. No federal races are being considered for endorsement in 2018.

State Questions

SQ 788
Yes on SQ 788

OROK position: Yes

Election date: June 26, 2018

Results: Passed – 56.86% to 43.14%

OROK Endorsed Candidates in General Election (Nov. 6):

Runoff campaigns (August 28)

  • Leslie Bonebreak – HD 53

All 2018 Endorsed Candidates: